Taylor’s story

What is Myocarditis?

The disease that took Taylor's life

Myocarditis is a disease marked by inflammation and damage of the heart muscle. Although the exact incidence of myocarditis is not known, it is estimated that several thousand patients per year are diagnosed. Myocarditis usually attacks otherwise healthy people. It is believed that 5 to 20% of all cases of sudden death in young adults are due to myocarditis.

Mark Henry, Taylor's dad, tells the family's emotional story and how the Team Taylor Foundation was formed to raise awareness of Myocarditis and to carry on the legacy of their daughter Taylor.
Taylor Henry

Team Taylor Merchandise

The Team Taylor Foundation online shop has a great range of merchandise, from jumpers, hats, beanies and lots lot more.

Every dollar you spend goes directly to the Team Taylor Foundation.

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Bike Tour

2018 Tour De Gippsland Bike Tour.

2018 TT Donation

Giving back to something Taylor loved.

From Donations made and merchandise sold the Team Taylor Foundation were able to donate $7000 towards 2018 Tour De Gippsland Bike Tour.

Taylor's 14th Birthday

On Saturday 25th of August 2018  would have been Taylor’s 14th Birthday.  Thanks to great family and friends, the day was filled with love and lots of great memory’s. 

Team Taylor Day
Newcomb secondary college

The 6 March 2018 was Team Taylor Day at Newcomb Secondary College the day was organised by Tayla Jayne Berry-Coon.

“Being a year 12 student and planing a day l thought l’d never have to plan, l organised Team Taylor day for the children of Newcomb Secondary College to celebrate the life of Taylor! Also for the kids that could not attend Taylor’s funeral.”  




As a young man, Jason showed exceptional potential as an athlete. Thriving in team sports, his dedication and leadership did not go unnoticed as he showed a natural ability to rally his teammates and draw in crowds.

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